Garage Door Opener Repair Napa CA

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Garage Door Opener Repair Napa CAAre you in need of garage door opener repair Napa CA serviceman? Sometimes homeowners overlook simple fixes that potentially resolve the problem rather quickly. Before concluding to hire professional service to repair or replace it with a new one, you should find out what could be the problem?

Garage Door Opener Repair Napa CA

Garage door opener repair Napa CA

Confirm if there is power outage

Before concluding that your garage door is broken especially if the engine system runs on electricity, it is significant to confirm if there is power outage. If there is no power outage, confirm that the garage door opener is plugged in live power outlet and inspect the fuse, CFGI, and circuit breaker if they also receive power. Use manual override system of the garage door opener to open it if there is power outage.

In this situation, it may mean there is mechanical damage or your garage door remote control batteries are dead. Therefore if they are not efficient or dead, you may consider to replace them to fix the issue.

What if the Remote control batteries are still effective?

If your garage door does not open despite confirming the remote control are still effective, probably your garage door opener has developed mechanical problems. The opener may develop mechanical problems because some of its section are faulty, moving parts are dry or blocked. Therefore, it is essential for you to inspect your garage door opener to know the specific sections that needs improvement. Below are some of the measure to take to help you repair your garage door opener.

Garage Door Opener Repair Napa CA – Simple Steps for You

Check if your garage door opener is frozen

Garage Door Opener Repair Napa CA

Garage door opener Napa CA

Extreme cold temperatures can make the engine system of your garage door opener to stiffen thereby losing pressure and power. This is a common problem with most modern garage opener; thus, you should be checking seasonally if the engine is running smooth. To repair frozen engine, you need to manually raise and lower the door to adjust or change the pressure until you are sure it is operating properly.

Wipe the photo “Eye” sensors

Wipe clean the Photo-eye-sensors with a cotton swab or tissue.

Another issue you might have face before is when your garage door opener in Napa CA does not close or closes half-way. Mostly this might be as a result of broken photo “eye” sensors. Photo eye sensor is a lesser beam lens that is mounted about 4-6 inches off the ground to detect objects when the door closes. Some of the issues that can make the sensors to be inactive is due to the following reasons;

Check the cord attached to the photo-eye-sensors to see if they are frayed or damaged

If the photo-eye-sensors and the power source are not the issue, you may want to check to see if the motor is burned out.

If the above steps taken does not fix the issue, then you definitely may want to consider hiring a professional to solve the problem. They are competent professionals who can provide you with a guarantee.

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